John Hodgman

John Hodgman is an author, actor, performer, and podcaster who has found a hard-to-describe niche of well-read humor, obscure cultural references, and the occasional earnest wisdom.
We get our regular John Hodgman fix from his weekly podcast of Internet justice, Judge John Hodgman, but he runs with a crowd of seemingly unrelated people we also love, from Alton Brown to Paul F. Tompkins to Ted Leo, so you can never be sure when you will run into him. There is little that gets us more excited than an unexpected John Hodgman appearance, like his scene-stealing character in Bored to Death, Louis Green. He has also been a character in my relationship with Allison since the beginning, when I burned several podcasts featuring him to CD for her solo, cross-country road trip. His voice makes excellent company in unfamiliar places, as I have also found, during my work travels.

We were fortunate enough to meet John at a book signing after a performance of Vacationland in Austin in November 2017, and he was incredibly gracious and sweet. In fact, he had to drag conversation out of the two of us, subdued by our natural introversion and awkward reverence. Nothing we thought to say as we waited in line escaped our mouths, though we did manage to reveal to him that we were pregnant before I had even told my siblings. That's right: we trust John Hodgman.

Here are a few of our favorite places to catch John Hodgman: